Saying Thank You


Lakeland students had the chance to thank their scholarship donors at the Scholarship Donor Recognition event. 

The Scholarship Donor Recognition and luncheon was held on October 22, 2019 in the campus center event space. The event serves as an, “opportunity to have donors come meet the recipients,” and “recipients can say thank you,” says the coordinator of the event, Linda Bosman. 

About 200 students and around 50 donors attended the lunch. “Of Lakeland’s traditional day program students, 99% receive financial aid of some type, whether scholarships, grants, or loans,” said the handout for the event. Bosman shared the total amount of scholarship money students receive this school year could be, “$1,424,753 to 237 students.” 

Junior, Logan Lisowski, was nominated and asked by Bosman to speak at the event. He talked about why he chose Lakeland, how Lakeland has helped him, his opportunities, his future, and why scholarship donors are beneficial. 

“This is a great event because you can put a face to the people who are helping you, who are donating back to Lakeland.” Lisowski commented. “Without this event you would never get that connection between who is donating. For the donors, it is also great because they can see what their work is going to, hear stories, and hear successes.”  

Lisowski unfortunately did not get to meet donors of any of his scholarships but was seated with other students at a table with Howie and Beverly, who are donors for an education scholarship. 

Alumni and donors of the Reimer Co-op Scholarship, Jeanie Kurka Reimer and Dennis Reimer, appreciate the chance to make, “a personal relationship,” with the students benefitting from their scholarship.  

Dennis and Jeanie said they are very fortunate to have the opportunity to give. Dennis said, “It is the right thing to do,” and added co-op is the, “right thing to support.” He thinks co-op programs will catch on with other universities across the country. 

Through this event, Jeanie learned some students would“not be in college,” if it was not for the co-op program. “It gives hope to the students.”  

Jeanie and Dennis are happy to help students get an education. They know our students are, “the employers of the future.” 

It is a good event overall.” Lisowski added. “It’s something we have to keep doing because I feel like Lakeland prides itself on connections and personal relationships. Its great to have an event that allows donors to connect with people on campus and build relationships that way.”