Whitley and Miofsky win highest awards at Honors Banquet

Luke Ulatowski, Executive Editor

Senior accounting major and Muskies quarterback Michael Whitley won the Clarence H. Koehler Award and criminal justice professor Karin Miofsky won the Underkofler Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award at the annual Honors Banquet on April 11.

The Koehler Award celebrates one high-performing student leader each year. This year, four nominees were announced prior to the Honors Banquet. The nominees included Nathaniel Cooper, Megan Hellmer, Hailey Jester and Whitley.

Whitley’s award caps off a college career marked by numerous football records and a stint as Vice President of Student Government. At the Honors Banquet, he was presented with his award by poetry professor Karl Elder.

The Underkofler Award celebrates one teacher who students look up to each year. Typically, students are asked to recommend teachers they would like to win the award.

Alongside teaching criminal justice classes, Miofsky advises several student organizations and contributed to Lakeland’s ThinkHaus series.

The Honors Banquet annually celebrates outstanding students and faculty at Lakeland. In past years, the banquet has been held on campus. However, due to the Campus Center renovation, this year’s banquet was held at the Osthoff Resort in Sheboygan.

Here is a full list of 2018 Honors Banquet award winners:

School of Business & Entrepreneurship
Outstanding Student in Accounting: David Del Ponte
Outstanding Student in Business Administration: Marlyn Caballero
Outstanding Student in Hospitality Management: Patrick Webster
Outstanding Student in Management Information Systems: Alexia Janz
Outstanding Student in Marketing: Hannah Scherer
Outstanding Student in Sport Management & Leadership: Charles Apostolik

School of Humanities & Fine Arts
Outstanding Student in Art: Heather Kirby
Outstanding Student in Communication: Jennifer Schwartz
Outstanding Student in English: Brianna Johnson
Outstanding Student in History: Zar Chi Soe
Outstanding Student in Music: Melissa Landgraf
Outstanding Student in Religion: Adrienne Guarnieri
Outstanding Student in Spanish: Allison Stauber
Outstanding Student in Theatre: Zachery Mock

School of Science, Technology & Education
Outstanding Student in Biology: Maddy Doll
Outstanding Student in Computer Science: Devin Equitz
Outstanding Student in Criminal Justice: Kendra Zipperer
Outstanding Student in Ethnic & Gender Studies: Elizabeth Hahn
Outstanding Student in Mathematics: Matthew Seider
Outstanding Student in Psychology: Mai Lor
Outstanding Student in Sociology: Elizabeth Hahn

Other awards
Erroll B. Davis, Jr. Award: Jennifer Lee
Ellen J. Kregel Athletic Award: Maddy Doll
Outstanding Student at Lakeland University Japan: Anjyu Higo
Senior Honors: Brook Bignell, Megan Hellmer, Jacob Nault