Mice making home on campus


Stephanie Burgardt , Staff Reporter

Over the past few months, some residential halls have had the problem of mice living inside the buildings. There has been partially eaten food found in cabinets and feces found on desks or dressers.

According to Michaela Wheeler, hall director in Grosshuesch Hall, “the students have been propping the doors open because sometimes the doors don’t work due to the cold.”

With the heat coming out of the open doors, mice are able to come inside and get warm.

In order for students to keep mice out of their rooms as much as they can, “they should keep trash out of their rooms and keep their doors shut,” said Wheeler.

Students have also seen mice running across their floor or down the hallways.

Wheeler said that Residence Life is “setting traps in rooms that have mice, as well as in the common areas by the doors in case the doors are being propped.”

If students do see any mice, they should contact their RA or Hall Director.