Changes planned for future May terms


Karalee Manis, Copy Editor

In a campus-wide email sent out by David Gallianetti Wednesday, Dec. 9, changes to May Term were detailed.

In the document, several points of concern students might have regarding the planned changes were addressed.

The questions and answers included were:

Will there still be a May Term in 2016? Yes, it will run from May 10-27, with on-campus and study abroad options available.

When will the list of 2016 May Term courses be available? The course list will be available in February and registration will occur during the summer and fall registration dates from March 16-24, 2016.

Do students have to pay tuition for May Term 2016? Traditional students enrolled full time in either Fall 2015 or Spring 2016, at Lakeland before Fall 2015 and have maintained continuous enrollment do not have to pay for May Term. Students who are new to Lakeland in Fall 2015, returning to the college this fall after having been absent for more than one academic year or not enrolled full time in Fall 2015 or Spring 2016 will have to pay tuition for May Term.

Will students have to pay for an internship during May Term? The same criterion as the previous question applies to internship courses, as well.

For those charged, how much will a May Term course cost? Courses cost $445 per credit, with four-credit courses charged at a higher rate than three-credit courses.

If students still wish to live on campus during May Term, but are not enrolled in a course, can they? Yes, provided they meet one of two conditions: They are enrolled for a summer course, including a summer internship sponsored by the school; or they can provide proof of local employment.

Does it cost anything in room and board to live on campus during May Term? Any student enrolled is eligible for free room and board during May Term. A student enrolled for summer 2016 or can provide proof of employment is also eligible for free room and board.

Can financial aid be used to pay for May Term? Yes, if a student has the funds available. It is recommended that students meet with a financial aid advisor to plan out an adjusted budget for May/Summer courses.

Can a student take a May Term and summer course at the same time? Yes, the terms overlap by one week, but students can enroll for both.

Finally, will May Term exist in 2017? Yes; however, Lakeland will not be offering May Term in 2018. Other options for short-term and travel abroad options will be reviewed so that students may still have these experiences.

Students are directed to contact their advisor or success coach with additional questions.