Improve group uses humor to teach about overindulging in Shot of Reality

Benjamin Wilks

Audience members learn the pitfalls of drinking alcohol

Benjamin Wilks, Staff Reporter

Shot of Reality, an interactive alcohol prevention program, was sponsored by LC-CAB on Sept. 5 in the Pub.

Shot of Reality is performed by a team called Mission IMPROVable and produced by M.i. Productions. There are four two-person teams in the M.i. Productions company. Their purpose is to make students aware of the problems overdrinking may cause, and to show how to be safe while drinking.

They deliver the information in a way that engages people so they remember it. They figured out that having people, especially college students, sitting in one place for an hour or so would have them wondering when it would be over. Right away Byron Kennerly and Adam Higgins, the two performers, jumped into being goofy. They made hilarious song lyrics about alcohol, wore wigs, and impersonated possible stereotypes of students seen around campus. Higgins and Kennerly reminded the audience that the content of the performance was serious while both jokingly and stringently telling the information.

The two agreed that it is rough always being on the road, but since it is for a good cause, they can endure it. Kennerly has just started the program, while Higgins has been with it for about four years. They were surprised by the way the audience participated and with how many people showed up.

“The audience was great, by the way,” said Higgins.

“Sometimes we have to stop the show because the audience won’t participate. That wasn’t a problem here,” said Kennerly. “We’ve never done that [performed in a pub] before. It’s kind of new to us.”

Students thought the performance was great. Dika Emmaculet, sophomore international business and economics major, said, “I learned that drunken people can easily be fooled. Generally, I would not recommend drinking now.”

“It didn’t tell me not to drink, but to just drink responsibly and to drink water because alcohol does dehydrate you,” said Stephanie Burgardt, freshman English major.

The show entertained and informed a room full of possible drinkers. Shot of Reality taught the audience one thing: You can’t stop anyone from drinking, but you can suggest they drink safely.