Resident Evil fight scenes raw and realistic

Benjamin Wilks, Staff Reporter

Waiting in a dark room, a light appears, and all that is seen is a woman floating in water. You wonder why she is going towards the surface, rather than sinking towards the bottom of the ocean.

You see shrapnel exploding all around her, and everything is going backwards in time. The woman is unconscious, but slowly her eyes start to open. She is out of the water and back on the ship.

For minutes all you see is fighting, bullets flying, helicopters, and multiple dead bodies. The scene reverses again and everything happens in the normal direction of time. Soon the woman is back in water, and the room is engulfed in darkness once more.

That is beginning of the sci-fi thriller Resident Evil Retribution, directed by Paul W.S. Anderson and starring Milla Jovovich. Resident evil has been rated R, for the gore and gruesome scenes. The studio that helped produce the movie is called Constatin Films. The movie sticks to the well-known zombie plot, but adds some twists and turns to keep the movie goers engaged.

Within the first ten minutes, Alice, who is portrayed by Milla Jovovich, has been captured and put into an underground facility. She no longer has her powers which enhance natural human abilities. Being cured of the t-virus (she is the only human that the t-virus bonded with on a molecular level, granting her the powers), her capturers are interrogating her. One of them is her friend, who is now being controlled by the enemy.

The system of the facility shuts down, and Alice is able to get free. She runs into a zombie and kills it. She is then chased into a room. The door closes and Ada Wong, who is played by Li Bingbing, is waiting for her. Alice recognizes her as an associate of Albert Wesker, a villain, and puts a knife to her throat. Ada explains that Alice and Wesker are the only reason that she was able to break free. The sun rises and Alice sees that she is underwater. Ada then tells Alice that they need to get her out of there and only have two hours before the place blows, and an alliance between former enemies is formed.

One aspect that is very enjoyable about the movie is the action. It is full of action, and the choreography is amazing. There is no fighting scene that is boring. Even the acting, which is normally poorly executed in action movies, is done well.

The emotion expressed in Milla’s face when she prepares to fight or feels pain from taking hits is amazing. Watching it in 3D makes the action even more eye popping; having a bullet come towards you gives your body and mind the matrix-like reflex to dodge it. It felt as if I was really being shot.

Resident Evil Retribution lives up to its predecessors. The action keeps you interested in the movie, and even though the storyline is predictable, it still gives you a jolt of excitement as the plot unfolds.


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