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Thank you for your interest in The Lakeland Mirror.

We are always looking for confident and positive people to fill a number of roles on our staff. From general staff reporter to editor in chief, there are many ways for Lakeland students to contribute to the Mirror.

We encourage our staff to enroll in Mirror Practicum: WRT210 to be full-time staffers and earn one credit per semester (up to four credits).

Expository Writing or previous journalism experience is preferred.

If you are interested in joining the Mirror, contact adviser Pete Barth ( or editor in chief Leah Ulatowski (

Our office is Chase 215; class meets MWF 11:15-12:10

Staff positions: (links are to job descriptions)

Appointment of Editor-in-Chief:

Each year, the new Editor-in-Chief is selected by a Publications Board consisting of the academic dean, the dean of students, the Mirror faculty adviser, the out-going Editor-in-Chief, a representative of the Sheboygan Press, and other members of the Lakeland community representing faculty, students, and staff. Ideally, the Editor-in-Chief shall serve a one-year term, but an Editor-in-Chief may serve an additional term of service upon reapplication to and reappointment by the Publications Board. A candidate for Editor-in-Chief must have served on the Lakeland Mirror staff for at least one semester.

Appointment of Editors/Managers:

Anyone wishing to apply for paid leadership roles must submit a cover letter, resume, and at least one faculty letter of recommendation to the Adviser and Editor-in-Chief for review.

Past Mirror staff members and those with prior experience, perhaps on a high school newspaper, will normally get the nod. The Adviser and Editor-in-Chief make final decisions about staff positions. Except Editor in Chief and Managing Editor, all other positions are generally for one academic semester. Those currently in the position will reapply per semester.

The cover letter must address:
-The applicant’s personal goals
-The applicant’s goals for the newspaper
-Relevant work experience
-Why the applicant would be a sufficient candidate for the paper
-Any other information that may be relevant

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