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2016-2017 Staff

Emma Schad

2017 Managing Editor

Emma Schad is a sophomore double majoring in communication and art with a graphic design emphasis. She is a member of the Lakeland University tennis team. She comes from a family of five and lives in S...

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Luke Ulatowski

Website and Social Media Editor, 2016 Managing Editor

Luke Ulatowski is a junior writing major and business minor at Lakeland University. He is a writing tutor, an assistant editor for the literary magazine Seems and a member of both the Global and Japa...

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Amanda Bagnall-Newman

2016 Visual Media Editor

Amanda Bagnall-Newman is the visual media editor for The Mirror, formerly the website editor. She comes from a family of five and lives in scenic Door County, where she graduated from Sevastopol High Scho...

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Jon Rivera

2017 Sports Editor

Jon Rivera graduated from Lowell High School in Lowell, Indiana. He is currently a sophomore at Lakeland and plays for their baseball team. Rivera wanted to be in a journalism program, but had to settle...

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Chase Lindgren

2017 Visual Media Editor

Chase Lindgren is a second semester sophomore on the path to a bachelor's degree in communication. He loves to think about the way things look and how other people view those same things. If you recognize...

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Dezmen Morse

2016 Sports Editor

Dezmen Morse is a 6-foot-3 man who enjoys the little things life has to offer. From glaring into sunsets to staring rigorously at the vague space in the sky that million stars occupy, Dezmen never takes...

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Shuka Wong

Staff Reporter

Shuka Wong is a senior majoring in communication. She was born in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. She became a student at Lakeland University Japan after she graduated high school. When she has free time,...

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Serina Jones

Staff Reporter

Serina DeAnne Jones is a senior at Lakeland University majoring in nonprofit management and minoring in both criminal justice and communication. She loves naps and hot food.

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Willie Franke

Staff Reporter

Willie Franke is a senior majoring in communication and minoring in sports management. Franke is from Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin, which is located in Door County. He enjoys sports, Netflix and going out...

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Adrian Hackl

Staff Reporter

Adrian Hackl is a senior writing major. When he’s not explaining to people outside of campus what a writing degree is and what one can do with it, he enjoys reading, watching movies and taking his bratty...

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Ben Blanchette

Staff Reporter

Ben Blanchette is a freshman majoring in marketing. He is a member of Lakeland's baseball team.

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Jody Harrison

Staff Reporter

Jody Harrison is a sophomore communication major at Lakeland University. He is a member of Lakeland's football team as well as their baseball team. He enjoys writing poetry.

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Daevon Reynolds

Staff Reporter

Daevon Reynolds is a freshman at Lakeland University in pursuit of a career in law. He loves sleeping, thinking about sleeping, dreaming of sleeping while sleeping and trying to figure out how to sleep...

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Lindsey Vagnini

Staff Reporter

Lindsey Vagnini is a senior communication major and writing minor at Lakeland University. She enjoys meeting people from all around the world. Hobbies that most interest Vagnini include writing, storytelling,...

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Melissa Reise

Staff Reporter

Melissa Reise is a senior majoring in writing and minoring in English. Originating from Sheboygan, Wis., she decided to come to Lakeland for the writing program as well as wanting to stay close to family....

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Gustavo Zogobi

Staff Reporter

Gustavo Zogobi is 21 years old. He is a senior at Lakeland University majoring in communication and minoring in Spanish. He came to the United States from Brazil as a high school exchange student in...

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Yoji Hayashi

Staff Reporter

Yoji Hayashi is a senior majoring in communication and minoring in business administration. He was born and raised in Fukuoka on the northern shore of the Japanese island of Kyushu. He graduated from Kyushu...

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Sam Martin

Staff Reporter

Sam Martin is a senior at Lakeland University majoring in criminal justice and psychology. He plays baseball at Lakeland and plans on either coaching or working in the front office of a professional organization...

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Mayce Bacon

Staff Reporter

Mayce Bacon is a senior in the writing program at Lakeland University. When not in class, she spends time eating pasta, watching too many shows on Netflix and enjoying musicals. She's too lazy to be in...

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